Innovation, Nothing else


Celensoft is an software company founded by Celento C George a 17 year old student from India. Celensoft released its first product Celensoft Super Web in the year 2010 and gained a huge success. Since then Celensoft had grown to become one of the leading provider of internet and software technologies. Super web, a line of stunning web browsers is one of the most successful products of Celensoft and it simply went on to become the favorite web browser of millions around the globe.


Celensoft Instant changed the way how people use social networks and email. Celensoft Instant earned a huge financial success and is one of the most used social networking and email client on the planet.


We believe that technology can have an impact on the lives so many and hence Celensoft is dedicated to provide quality products around the globe.

Celensoft is now a Microsoft Certified Startup.

Fun Fact : We don't have any employees !



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